• Brochures and Booklets,

• Annual Reports,

• Posters and Billboards,

• Illustration,

• Packaging and Labels,

• Web Design,

• UI/UX Design,

• Icons Design,

• Newsletter Design,

• Facebook & Twitter Fan Pages.

Web and Development


• Web Design and GUI,

• E-Commerce and Development,

• Content Management System - CMS,

• Search Engine Optimization,

• Flash Animations and Banners,


• UI/UX Development,

• Android and iOS,

• Interactive & Digital Media.



• Logo Research,

• Logo Design,

• Corporate Identity,

• Book of Graphic Standards,

• Rollout & Management.

Strategy and Marketing


• Marketing Research,

• Communications and PR,

• Product Development,

• Print Control,

• Email Marketing,

• Social Media Marketing,

• Copywriting for Print & Web.



Without professional planned marketing strategy your brand can’t be properly promoted. We are creating a long-lasting relationship between your business and your clients.


In this process our goal is your company to achieve competitive advantage on the market. Also with that we aim for increasing your sales and placing your brand to the top of the industry.


Achieving your goal depends on the needs of the industry your brand is. We provide communication between you and your customers starting form the process of creating your brand till delivering to the public.


We focus on identifying of your potential clients and keeping them as well, by building strong business cooperation.



On the image below you can see our marketing strategy process:


Logo Research

Logo Design

Corporate Identity

Book of Graphic Standards

Rollout Management


Brochures and Booklets

Annual Reports

Posters and Billboards


Packaging and Labels

Web Design

UI/UX Design

Icons Design

Newsletter Design

Facebook and

Twitter Fan Pages


Marketing Research Communications and PR Product Development Print Control

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Copywriting for Print and Web


Web Design and GUI

E-Commerce and Development

Content Management System

Search Engine Optimization

Flash Animations and Banners


UI/UX Development

Android and iOS

Interactive & Digital Media

Visual Perspective Advertising is an online and interactive company and leading provider of Web and Graphic Design services in Ohrid, Macedonia.

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