Not so long ago in Ohrid started to work new, unusual tailoring shop - Visual Perspective Advertising. Unusual is that, this shop works on your appearance as a brand. It observes, it measures and it cuts just for your best fit.


Word with Aleksandar Georgievski, the owner of the newly opened studio:


How long Visual Perspective Advertising is on the market and what particular services are offered?


Visual Perspective Advertising is almost 3 years on the Macedonian market. We are advertising and marketing agency that offers new ways of advertising through quality, applicable and contemporary design solutions that mean change to existing, generally accepted way of advertising.


The main goal is to improve the quality and diversity in the field of visual design which involves advertising, branding, web, mobile, electronic media and strategy of market positioning. It involves also creating a logo and corporate identity, posters, billboards, brochures, catalogs, magazines, packaging and labels, web design and development, flash animations and web banners, developing web pages for e-commerce, mobile, apps, graphic user interface, research and analysis of potential markets, developing new products and services, media buying, public relations etc. We turn the idea into applied creative solution.


How are your products and services recognized?


We are relatively new advertising agency on the Macedonian market and every work we have done is our recognition as a brand. Along our working process we try to educate our clients on what advertising and design is, and how to separate good from bad.


We do not try to find out hot water, we just deliver it into new bottle packaging.


What is the way to become a recognizable brand?


We want to defeat the stereotypes that are already offered on the market.


Our way of working is in communication with our clients i.e. main focus is always on client needs. We have exactly defined model how to involve our clients into the business process. We are flexible. All clients are different characters and have their needs, and our task is to offer direction, perspective, how to improve their image to become the brand, which will achieve the desired success of recognition, not only on the Macedonian market but also internationally. One of the supporting pillars of our business is mutual trust and enthusiasm for success that we share with our clients.


Whether to build a recognizable brand requires a large financial investment?! Are you ready to make that investment?


Large investment or not, we must to invest something. Question is how much we are willing to accept all positive and negative consequences, because as we invest, obligations to deliver are increasing, and with that increase comes greater responsibility.


To build a recognizable brand is not so big financial investment, as our vision to position ourselves better on the market, and beyond. No restrictions. Competition is here to empower us to improve as a brand.


How difficult is to build a company as brand in Macedonia and beyond?


You need to have great persistence to build start-up company as brand. Only quality work and original ideas may lead to that success. Macedonia is a market, yet to learn the culture of working with advertising agencies. If Macedonia and it’s companies are developing as a brand, not improvising as a brand, will evolve, and of course we as an agency that provides services to those companies will evolve. At the end of the day we “the tailors” know how to make you look better. Better clothes, from a better tailor.


Is there in Macedonia "climate" to build a recognizable brand? Are there recognizable brands in Macedonia?


Macedonia has a great climate to build a recognizable brand, because there is a big competition. If there is no competition, there will be no new ideas. We talk about advertising here. Certainly there are major players in this area that offer excellent creative solutions, but there are also young companies that are here to offer something new, better, acceptable or get out from under the mud. The cost of operation is competitive and it’s not always relevant to judgment the service they are offering.













The interview is taken from YES Foundation magazine.


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