The design is basic reflection of the culture in everyday life in 21st century. The variety of its usage is enormous - it includes objects and graphic communication as well as integrated systems of informatic technologies arriving to city environment. Defined in its broadest sense as a concept and a projection of various products created by humans - design can be seen as a tool for improving the life.


Design is not just a process connected with industrial production, but it represents the instrument for popularization of the quality, ideas and thoughts; and all the aspects of their interrelations with individual, entrepreneur, institutional and national goals. Design, as an instrument for communication among people is offering a specific view on character and contemplations of the designer. Design includes all main elements of relations between designer’s solution, the client’s needs, the process of creation and the society.


Visual Perspective Advertising insist on advertising and design solutions that inspire advertisements on values and demands.


Visual Perspective Advertising team will study, design and execute an integrated communication strategy from the conception of the idea, conception design and the media program, to the production of printed material and every form of communication, such as television, printed advertisements, outdoor advertisement and more.


The best possible success of your advertising message is ensured by valid measurements of consumer behavior; market research studies and our staff’s experience with the media.


“Regardless of what kind of subjects we are observing, almost always we come to the conclusion that the ones that are qualitative and useful are simultaneously beautiful”.


- Baltasare Castilione Cortegiano - 1928 -



We specialize in:


• Brand Mark and Brand Research,

• Logo Design, Corporate Identity and Style-guide,

• Graphic and Icon Design,

• Annual Reports and Corporate Literature,

• Illustration and Packaging,

• Print & Communications,

• Advertising, Creative and Marketing,

• Flash Animated Banners,

• Web Graphics Design and UI Design.

Aleksandar Georgievski

Head of Design, Owner and CEO at Visual Perspective Advertising


LinkedIN recommendations: "Aleksandar is one of the most talented graphics designers (maybe The best), and when it comes to putting words into images, he's the go-to person."


a piece of graphical material used for display or to convey a concept.


art of drawing so as to give an impression of relative distance or stability.


promotion of goods or services by public notices.


Logo Research

Logo Design

Corporate Identity

Book of Graphic Standards

Rollout Management


Brochures and Booklets

Annual Reports

Posters and Billboards


Packaging and Labels

Web Design

UI/UX Design

Icons Design

Newsletter Design

Facebook and

Twitter Fan Pages


Marketing Research Communications and PR Product Development Print Control

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Copywriting for Print and Web


Web Design and GUI

E-Commerce and Development

Content Management System

Search Engine Optimization

Flash Animations and Banners


UI/UX Development

Android and iOS

Interactive & Digital Media

Visual Perspective Advertising is an online and interactive company and leading provider of Web and Graphic Design services in Ohrid, Macedonia.

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